What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“My best interest was always their top priority.”

Sovereign Enterprises is beyond words.  When I had little hope that my property would ever be sold for a fair price, Sovereign made it happen. From the initial introduction to the final closing, my best interest was always their top priority. I personally learned quite a bit from this business transaction; and that is there are still honest people who believe that a good reputation goes a long way.  Thank you so much for being there for me.

(Company note:  We assisted Denice in lodging a tax protest as part of the purchase.  The county refunded a portion of the taxes to her directly.)

- Denice E.

“In 3 days I signed a contract!”

Many thanks to Jerry & Paul.  They came to the house, I told them the price I would take and in 3 days I signed a contract! During the title search process there were problems like back taxes and a surprise lien on the house.  These were taken care of by them.  In total it took two weeks to complete the deal and get paid; very good considering there was a holiday weekend involved too! Very good experience!

- Scott S